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Private Negotiation
Ref. 2012036
750 sqm
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from Milan
57 km
73 m asl
3 ha

From the redevelopment of a former farm comes an eclectic family residence, covering an area of approximately 30,000 square metres. The area is one of historical and natural interest, near the city of Pavia and the hills of the Oltrepò Pavese.
Passing through a large courtyard with buildings and rustic porticoes, we find a former farm building behind us, today known as the “Festival Hall”, a bucolic and highly useful space that can be expanded by incorporating the large porch - an unusual venue of approximately 150 square metres to fill with music, events, etc.
An interplay of stained glass windows with unique furnishings marks the entrance to the house. It has a total area of about 350 square metres spread over two levels, the owner explains as she shows us around. We immediately notice the style of the decor - refined, understated
and elegant, not lavish, with a rich artistic depth. The star of the show is without question the pink stone flooring used throughout the house: it attracts a lingering gaze, and wonder at its beauty and uniqueness. Here we are in a large and bright living room with a precious fireplace. The eye is immediately drawn to the solid oak balcony that divides the sleeping area from the living area. In the sleeping area are 4 large bedrooms with private bathrooms, and various passageways. The main features are spaciousness and brightness. The living area includes a bedroom with private bath, a study, and a TV room. We Italians have high standards for our kitchens, and they will not be disappointed here.
This kitchen is so spacious that it can welcome guests, residents, and friends with room for all. It is a symbol of creativity and empathy, emphasizing the intention to create a  
genuinely friendly and practical environment.
Each room has direct access to the most poetic part of the house: the garden! Passing under the roof trusses of the porticoes that surround it we can see the skill of the artisans that created this architectural marvel and the perfection of the garden, and feel a sense of being hidden away from prying eyes. A spontaneous sense of peace and well-being comes over us, and we wonder how we could ever do without it.

Having finished the manor part separated by a large silo, today just another architectural element, we enter the area for those who wish to enjoy the countryside in the strictest sense - and love horses.
Here is the stable with 16 masonry stalls, the saddle room, outside green spaces and a fenced horse pasture of 10,000 square metres, a building of 500 square metres contains two 250-square-metre rustic living spaces to be restored and a separate dependance with a private garden. Please note we are talking about a distinctive 250-square-metre home on two levels, full of character and romantic flavour. We will leave it as a surprise for those who wish to visit the entire property. The spaces available to you will be a living room with a large fireplace, a dine-in kitchen, three bedrooms with private baths, and an exclusive garden.

Finally, an agricultural building of 870 square metres to be explored or used as you please, overlooking a large gravel courtyard. This part also has its own entrance to avoid going through the main structure.
The soul of this property is the “family residence,” but that does not detract from its versatility for other uses as well. We hope we have offered a comprehensive description, but we are always available to hear from you about your individual requirements and confirm whether or not the property will meet your needs.

Plot: 30000 mq
Horse boxes : 16