Private Negotiation
Ref. RG27

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Private Negotiation
Ref. RG27
1,400 sqm
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from Milan
50 km
52 m asl
4 ha

These old villas retain an indelible charm: the atmosphere of the noble halls, the high ceilings, the marble staircases and the size of the rooms all welcome us as honoured guests, as if we too were part of the history these places evoke.
Sometimes these residences have been maintained in excellent condition over the years; other times for one reason or another they have fallen into “disrepair.” But that disrepair can almost make them seem more beautiful - it brings to mind blowing the dust off a bottle of rare, fine wine, jealously guarded in the cellar.
Today, this ancient 12th-century villa is available as an event space. There are three rooms, respectively 120, 40, and 30 square metres, and a 4-hectare park. Those who are interested may discuss the possibilities with the property, both for occasional use and for possible long-term collaborations.
The villa is located in the province of Pavia, in a small town of 2500 inhabitants, well connected by motorway to Rome, Brescia, Turin, and Milan. It is easy to reach.
This palace has a documented history and is listed in the register of the Curatorship of the Fine Arts; we reserve the right to provide all the details to those sincerely interested in further study.

Park: 4 ettari
Eventi parking : big capacity